Client Testimonials

Our companies have been a corporate client of Shapero & Green for over 15 years. During that time, Brian and his team have handled all of our legal needs. The firm’s service, professionalism, and personal care are the best we have ever experienced with a law firm. Shapero & Green always goes above and beyond to make sure we understand and are comfortable in the legal process regardless of its complexity.

David Soble, Business Owner

Brian Green has been my professional and personal attorney for nearly 15 years. He has helped me with varied business issues, including several trials that required small- to mid-size business experience as well as legal knowledge and expertise. In addition to business law, Brian has helped my family with real estate partnerships, selling and purchasing homes as well as dealing with challenging negotiations related to personal issues among friends.

Brian has always kept our legal relationship separate from our personal relationship and I have always had the utmost confidence in Brian’s ability to keep my personal matters private.

Todd Stern, Business Owner

What I like most about Brian Green and the Shapero & Green team is that you get the close personal attention you need from your attorney and firm, and they can also handle intricate, complex and delicate situations. Most people think they need to go to a large national firm for that level of expertise and service, but they don’t. Brian and the Shapero and Green team can handle it all.

Alex Newman, Business Owner

The lawyers at Shapero & Green are tenacious and aggressive, but always appropriate to the situation. They have a reputation for being fair and even-handed and they’re enjoyable to deal with. If they think they can win they’ll tell you. And if you have issues they’ll tell you — they never give false hope and they deliver what they promise. I like dealing with them.

Bank Officer

For years I used a major firm that had an M&A guy, a litigator and a specialist in my business industry. Too many people. I can talk to Brian about anything; He’s reliable, accessible and he tells me like it is.


The lawyers at Shapero & Green are the most honest guys I’ve ever met. These great lawyers are thorough, they don’t miss deadlines, they are prepared, and they tell you everything that is going on. And they care about their clients. They always go the extra step.


Whatever your legal matter, we provide 24-hour direct access to our attorneys.